Metro Rail Stop 1


For some reason there hasn’t been a single blog dedicated to the South Florida skateboarding scene. Frankly, it’s sad and unsurprising, seeing as we received a skatepark half a decade after the rest of the country. Shout out to the mayor of Miami for finally rocking with us. Better late than never, right? Even with the lack of support and resources, the city and skateboarders have produced too many rippers to not have an outlet dedicated to ‘em.

Check our constantly-updated spot list so if you’re from out of town, you won’t end up in Overtown with a gun to your dome. Trust us, it happens. Don’t trip, we’ll throw in some gems, too. Old heads, worry not – we won’t put the directions to that crusty ledge you managed to get a clip of a tail slide that everyone keeps asking about. (Unless you want us to. In that case, submit it here.)

Fuck wit us.

Tha metro rail ™







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