Bayside Triangle.

I don’t think that the designer Isamu Noguchi knew exactly what he was creating when placing a granite triangle bank on the Southwest side of Bayfront park, but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that it became a huge part of skateboarding in the metro area of Dade county.

I’m more than sure that people that skate it also didn’t know that the triangle was created in remembrance of a 7-passenger crew that passed away in the space shuttle the Challenger, you know those letters that are engraved on it that makes it a little harder to skate? Yea that’s them. This explains why the feds aren’t usually too pleased too see people throwing themselves down it. Yeah I’m sure people look at us as nothing more than disrespectful scumbags destroying a monumental structure, but by no means was it ever out of disrespect and when something is that gnarly and skateable it’s bound to get it.

I think we can all agree that the sketchiest part is the top where a curb protrudes out right before you pop, making a spot that looks like it should be fun to: “goddamn this shit looking scary AF right now”. There has been a ton of people that carcass tossed down this thing, some rolled away chillin’ while some were not so lucky and got bodied or robbed.

Here is a list of some sick shit done down this thing. Some of you may have seen and some you may have not, this thing has been getting skated for so long that I’m sure there is so many sick tricks that didn’t even cross my mind, but there are some classics and some insane tricks that you just don’t forget

Elissa Steamer – Ollie   (0:50)

Probably the first female to hit this gap but definitely not the last.  She G’d triangle forever ago in her Toy Machine welcome to hell part. This video came out way back in 96’ most of yall were sucking your mothers breast for nourishment while Elissa was getting buck at bayside. She did it twice and got two different angles casually wearing a white T, some jeans, and some adidas before they even had skin in the game.

Muska – FS tailside  (0:44)

Anything tha muska does is usually rad.This dude has been grinding and sliding some crazy shit forever now and the tailslide to fakie just added to his bag of craziness. This FS Tailslide was tight and the only way it could have been any better is if he had a boom box in his hand with the muska beatz blazing.

Brad Cromer – Impossible (literally) (3:30)

Florida hometown hero and probably one of the sickest dudes out on a board took the route less traveled and went up the damn thing, yes somehow he managed to not only go up triangle but he got an impossible on it.. Maybe some thought about going up it but my dude made it happen. Just watch it because there is no explaining this one.

Danny Fuenzalida – Nollie inward heel (4:40)

Danny is a local here in Miami and he has fucked up plenty of spots in the area and he threw this trick out like it wasn’t a thing. Not only was this trick not in any of his parts, but they didn’t even get a second angle or anything. He threw this one out and it made it in the friends’ section of a transworld video back in 08’ BOSS.

Johan Stuckey – Nosegrind (2:50)

This is another Florida native that got it in when he was down south. The nosegrind was the claim to fame for Johan and at the time no one even know who he was, all everyone knew was that some kid with an orange beanie came down and got a nosegrind at the gnarliest spot possible

Nyjah Houston – Half cab flip many (0:55)

Welp, of course somehow this guy ended up here and I don’t know why that should be a surprise to anyone. This dude really is something else and so was this half cab flip manny. I forgot this even went down but he did it and it was probably like third try… The clip was used in a AYC Miami tour video and yeah popping fakie on this thing is gotta be sketchy as fuck. God damn it Nyjah.

One thought on “Bayside Triangle.

  1. This is a nice history segment on the triangle, but I must say two tricks were left out that I think should be added in, one being Bastien Salabanzi’s backsideflip from his lost part, as well as Brain “slash” hansen’s kick flip 5050 from one of the deathwish/shakejunt videos.


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