2017 1st Post

So I know, I know, we been slacking on updating this page, but luckily for you guys one of our resolutions this year was to have more content uploaded on here. Before you get excited please remember that New Years resolutions don’t mean shit really, but we gon’ try to stick to it.

Infinity Plaza

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Once the glamour and glitz of Art Basel weekend is gone so would the free skate plaza. Currently Mana Wynwood has removed almost all the ramps but left the two hips on opposing ends and the top of the “tank” you can still skate. See this Instaclip for reference.

We reached out to Mana Wynwood to see what the fate of the park was but have yet to receive a response. Hopefully the hips and manny pad stay for awhile because it’s nice to have a place to skate before drinking expensive beers in a gentrified neighborhood.

Chaz Ortiz Metropolis Part

I’m sure everyone has peeped it already but if you haven’t check it and if you have watch it again.

Tricks worth mentioning: KF Backflip BS Flip Allapath Ledge & V heel at MLK Gap

Dirtswin Promo


If you haven’t peeped local crew Dirtswin has a new montage up on Thrasher

Danny Renaud Footage is always appreciated as well as any Miami Footage

Check it out here 

Buy some shit and support your home team.

Oh and we finally got some cold weather which is like 60 degrees. The rest of the world is under snow so we should probably try to enjoy not sweating our balls off for once. It’s nice to not sweat through 3 shirts a day.. right?

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