Lot 11

Back in the day we could of only hoped that one day we would be blessed with a skatepark in the heart of the city. When you’re younger, what you skate shapes how you skate and as you can see we had nothing. We had to get creative and skate whatever and wherever we could without getting kicked out. That or we were forced to wear helmets and pay admission to the one or two shitty parks that were around. Over time time free parks and plazas started popping up everywhere but Miami. And although we made it work and rode it out without any sort of fire park or plaza, finally after a decade and then some, the city has given us something that we can grow with and something Miami can call its own. Lot 11 is exactly what this city needed to keep pushing skateboarding to live on in sunny south Florida. Shout out to Miami and whoever else helped putting this place together. Hey better late than never right?

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